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Fall / winter is hands-down my favorite time of year for dressing and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

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It brings with it an opportunity to get a bit more wear out of the pieces you’ve been enjoying all summer and have some fun styling them in new and unexpected ways.  But I’ve noticed this is also an area that is a particular pain-point for my clients when knowing what to wear as the weather gets cooler.  With this in mind, I wanted to share some ideas and inspiration to get a bit more play and creativity out of your closet!


1.     Focus on a great base layer in neutral colors…and repeat it.  

style tip 1.jpg
style tip 1.1.jpg
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These should be stand-alone pieces that fit well without needing to be covered up.  These may be items to strategically add to your closet in order to enhance the versatility, which allows you to shop with a bit more focus.  I love investing in a quality, great-fitting sweater and pants combo and then simply switch up the extras.  By simply changing up the jacket, shoes and accessories you keep it interesting and create an entirely new look with the same pieces.  When you have a bit of fun with the extras you can get far more wear from your clothes!


2.     Keep adding the layers.  

style tip 2.jpg
style tip 2.2.jpg

This is where I see many of my clients stop short when putting together outfits.  When starting with your perfect base layer, keep adding from there!   For example: don’t simply put on a sweater and then your coat and call it good.  Throw a jacket over your sweater or a button-up or striped tee underneath.  And don’t be afraid to keep adding with others items in the same color family! You can have a lot of fun by incorporating different textures, colors and patterns.  And to take your look to the next level, don’t forget to roll up the sleeves of the outer layer and let the shirt underneath show off a bit.  This can help keep your look streamlined and a little more edgy.

style tip 2.3.jpg


3.     Never underestimate the power of socks.  

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style tip 3.1.jpg

Since so many looks are built around cropped, cuffed or ankle-length pants, bare ankles can start to get very chilly.  The simple addition of fun, colorful socks can bring a necessary layer of warmth and show off your own personal style.  Make sure they’re in a complimentary color or pattern to the rest of the outfit.  Since I’m drawn to a more neutral wardrobe, I like to lean on socks as my understated pop of color.  A few of my favorite sock finds:  Aritzia, Stance, J. Crew.


4.     A scarf is always a great option.  

style tip 4.1.jpg
style tip 4.2.jpg

With a more neutral, versatile wardrobe, a scarf can bring an added burst of fun to an outfit but also a warm hug around your neck.  This can be a wonderful addition for warmth and brings some fresh seasonal polish to last year’s sweaters and tops.

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My hope is that some of these will help you see your wardrobe through fresh eyes and also bring necessary direction when making those seasonal clothing purchases.  This is something I’m consistently helping my clients with in cleaning out those pieces that are no longer in line with where you are and being thoughtful and intentional with what you’re adding to your collection.  

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I’ve put together a little round-up of all my personal seasonal favorites which you can have fun perusing here.  Merry Christmas, friends!