We're Going to Bali!


What sounds better than escaping the cold and gray of winter for a retreat to Bali? 

This February, Weller is leading a Purpose + Wellness Retreat to a paradise jungle compound in Bali, complete with bungalows surrounding 2 pools; private chefs,  local foods, meditation and yoga, and more.

Take hikes, ride horses and mopeds, swim in the blue waters and white sand beaches, eat delicious foods, engage in group and one on one classes designed to help you declutter your life and walk away with a better sense of purpose and direction. 

More info to come soon, but for now: Sign up below to be added to the list and get notified when more information / tickets are available. 

Dates (to be confirmed): Feb 18-24

Estimated Price: $2200 

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Just Finish It! Featuring Michael Knouse


What are your 90 day objectives? How are you structuring your weeks to fall within that trajectory? What are you saying yes to that is taking you off course?
According to business performance coach @michaelknouse, getting strategic about your goal setting and giving yourself "2 week sprint scorecards" to break down the execution of those goals are crucial to getting things done.
"Just Finish It" was a success! Follow up with Michael and his website The Startup Sessions for more insight on unlocking your inner genius. Also, tune into his podcast to hear an upcoming interview with Weller founder

Huge thanks to Union Wine for sponsoring our evening!

Sunset Shoulders: A Movement Class

Wellness is more than a hobby. Your body is meant for more than pushing buttons on a computer.
Community is about more than drinking after work or watching a game on TV.
The Weller Society is a social club for good people and we're curating lots of great experiences for our members. Experiences that enrich and stretch us, entertain and inform us, experiences that make our lives better. And we're looking for more good people who want to go deeper. People like you.
Will you join us?

We had an incredible time at our Sensory Movement class with Cheri Anderson.

The restorative class was aimed at relieving neck and shoulder tension while also helping learn about our anatomy. 

Huge thanks to Tea Bar and Sackloth + Ashes for sponsoring our fun!

An Evening of Style: How to Refine Your Own Personal Style (Women Only)

Personal Stylist Alison Knox knows style. She also knows how powerful it can be to walk confidently in your identity and carry yourself with boldness. It's not all about the clothes you wear, but that's a great place to start.

We had a great time learning new tips and tricks, discovering insights into our personal brand, and walked away a little more confident in our style. 
PLUS... great wine and snacks, and terrific ladies. Not bad.

Huge thanks to Union Wine for sponsoring our fun!


Lots of fun last night with this month's Weller Resident Artist @monikakralicek.
She led a discussion about art, personal journey, identity, and breaking into the industry as a self-taught artist.
Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make last night an incredible experience!
Monika's art is for sale at The Weller House for a couple more weeks... send us a message for interested parties!

WELLER TALK: HOSPITALITY - Featuring Nick Purvis of Good Coffee

"There's no such thing as a neutral interaction, when you interact with someone you either leave them with a negative emotion or a positive one."
@purvisnation Nick Purvis of @goodcoffeepdx led a happy hour discussion this evening about hospitality. Nick, Sam and the rest of the Good Coffee team use coffee as a vehicle for positive change, cultivating and spreading a culture of hospitality, generosity and being good to other people through the city of Portland.


It was a party to remember.

Our community came together to celebrate the official launch of The Weller Society. Live jazz, incredible drinks by TeaBar, delicious food, and tons of great people. We also spent time in conversation led by some of our founders and early members about what The Weller Society is all about and how we can create something beautiful together here in Portland.

We followed the Thursday night kickoff up with a brunch at The Mark (Weller's premium offsite location) on Saturday Morning. More intimate conversations, tasty eats, and lots of mimosas.

A huge thanks to Cana's Feast, Widmer, and Tea Bar for sponsoring our fun!