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A letter from the founder:

When I moved to Portland almost a decade ago, I was a freelance film maker, photographer and writer. I didn’t know a single person here and kept asking “where do all my people gather?” I never found an answer, so I decided: Someday I’m going to make that place.

The idea behind @thewellersociety was to create a common space for the people of Portland to connect with each other, to work, learn, grow, and celebrate together. A place where you can have the kinds of experiences that make you a better person with the kinds of people that make you feel like you belong.

It's been a long journey and I'm so proud of the community we've built here so that when the kids who move to Portland today ask “where do all my people gather?” we can say: Right here, friend. Welcome.
If you live in Portland and are looking for a community that helps you be the best version of yourself, has a lot of fun, and creates positive change in the city, come be a part of The Weller Society. We need people like you to join us so that we can continue to have a place for Portlanders to grow, connect, and thrive together. Schedule a tour today and come see for yourself.

- Ian Pratt