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Get It, Together: Listening Sessions With Women on Racial Equity and Partnership

Women can and do change the world. And today’s geopolitical climate has activated and enlivened powerful and hard conversations that matter between and across all dimensions of difference.

As a white woman and a woman of color, we at Moementum seek to understand more about partnership and problems between women like us at work. While there have been improvements in the status of women globally, we still have a very long way to go, and white women have benefited disproportionately from the women’s rights movement of the last 150 years. Racial tensions are out there, and white fragility is real, and we have work to do.

Eventually, and as a result of these listening sessions, we envision a new workshop and conversation between white women and women of color that tangibly provides tools and skills for finally elevating all of us together. We want to Get It (Together) in the truest sense. We want to get into real partnership. We want to get honest. We want to get real. We want to get through the dark middle. We want to get enlivened. We want to get healed. We want to get equity. We want to get each other. We want to get messy. We want to get the hand we also want to give.

But before we want to offer solutions, we want to listen. Hard. Deep. Fast. With curioisity and to understand. So, while we are on the Bravespace Tour, we are hosting structured dialogue sessions for white women and women of color to explore how we work together and where we don’t; what gets in the way; where it hurts; where it works.

These 3-hour sessions will be structured and facilitated with approriate boundaries for safety even as they invite courage. We won’t be offering solutions or ideas or tips or tools or anything tangible to take away. We expect to end them with more questions than answers. We agree to tolerate the ambiguity and confusion we may open up.

We promise that every woman who attends will be named and credited as helping shape our work (if you choose) and you will the absolute first to be invited to any next steps or programming we develop.

Join us. Let’s talk, listen, and get it. Together.