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Live Unbound: Find Physical Freedom and Change Your Life (2 Courses)

Are you constantly battling pain or fatigue? 

Lucas and Alex, founders of Institute for Living Unbound have helped thousands of people find physical freedom and break negative cycles with their techniques. 

Some of the top physical therapists in their field, they have created this new and powerful content with a blend of wellness, mindfulness and mental regulation, and physical therapy to teach you the the power of self-healing and set you free from the pain and tension that drag you down. 

Join us for 2 courses (may be taken individually or together) that will change your life!


You will be performing exercises and going through the change work during the course - not just learning about it!

Course 1: From Pain to Flourishing: Movement Freedom

Learn the secrets to conquering pain, tension, and injury and discover how to activate the body’s healing processes in a few quick and easy-to-implement steps, so you can feel free to move on and live your best life.

Additional Details: / What you’ll learn: 

Why the body can become stuck in a negative feedback loop of worsening pain, dysfunction, weight gain, loss of sleep, digestive issues, anxiety and depression, and many other health issues.

How to easily and efficiently reset the patterns of pain and jumpstart the body’s systems of self-healing and growth

The mind’s role in how the body feels and moves, and why psychological and social environment factors are directly related to injury - and to recovery

How to avoid unnecessary medical appointments and interventions

The self-management principles and techniques to easily maintain a healthy, flourishing body throughout your life

Cost: $ 50-75   (Discount if attending both courses)

Time: 9am - 12pm

What to bring: Yoga mat / blanket, towel, water

What to wear: Comfortable work-out clothes


-- (Break for lunch 12PM - 1PM) --

Course 2: Optimal Human Movement and Performance

Learn powerful performance-enhancing techniques that will allow you to smash through limitations, plateaus, and PRs, accelerate your recovery process, and bullet-proof your body against injury. 

Additional Details: / What you’ll learn: 

How to perform the science-based techniques that have been successfully implemented by the course instructors to improve the performance of top professional athletes and performers, including NBA players, professional surfers and ballet dancers, and US olympians. 

How to harness the power of the body's autonomic nervous system to level up your athletic performance and recovery

How to easily improve mobility and flexibility that lasts - and without decreasing muscular power and strength as most stretching programs unfortunately do. 

How to activate the body's muscular and fascial slings to have movement control in every plane of motion

How to bullet-proof the body against injury, even during high-impact athletic performance and contact sports. 

Cost: $ 50-75   (Discount if attending both courses)

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

What to bring: Yoga mat / blanket, towel, water

What to wear: Comfortable work-out clothes

Social Hour

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Enjoy some snacks and beverages and time of mingling.

Earlier Event: October 24
Community Lunch | October
Later Event: November 4
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