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The Life Changing Power of Knowing | Enneagram Workshop


Have you ever wished you had a cheat code to understanding yourself and other people?

Welcome to the Enneagram.

Originally an oral tradition, come learn about the Enneagram the way it was meant to be learned--through discussion with others. In recent decades, the Enneagram has gained popularity in the West. But this is an ancient personality typing system that has been used for centuries as a tool of self-awareness and self-discovery, describing 9 core types. Life Coach Ashlee Sikorski will be our guide through the Enneagram during this 2 day workshop. She is a Professional Coach here in Portland, OR and had been studying this tool for 6 years.

Friday Evening | 6-8pm | During this portion of the event, we will discuss each type and participate in activities which elicit greater awareness, all while enjoying drinks on tap.

Saturday Morning | 8:30am-12pm | Continuation of discussion from Friday, dive deeper into each type and its characteristics, hear unique perspectives on each type from those who identify with the number. We will end our time with a light seasonal meal catered by Rikki Wynn of the Chatty Hen.

We invite you to dive deeper into understanding how you interact with the world. Join us at The Weller Society and discover how the Enneagram can help you connect more others and your truest self.