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How to Design Your Business to Create Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfillment


Are you buttoned up on the outside and a mess behind the scenes? 

Does your life work for you or is your life about your work?

Most of us got into this whole entrepreneur thing because we craved freedom and flexibility in our schedules and the chance to do fulfilling work in our businesses. But when you're hustling to grow, these are often the first things to go. That's why it's so important to intentionally design your business to support your lifestyle, not take away from it.

Join us for a live workshop as business coach Ashley Gartland teaches us how to design your business to suit your lifestyle. She'll walk us through the simple steps to make a priority-focused schedule so you can use yours to create freedom and flexibility in your life. Then she'll show us how to make time in that schedule to do fulfilling, high-impact work so you can grow your business without overcomplicating things or compromising the quality of your life.

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