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Weller Brunch | Style | Chris Hite + Alison Knox

The first installment of a new and wonderful series.

Weller Brunch: Share ideas, enjoy free drinks and snacks, meet great people, and join in a brief conversation meant to educate and inspire you.

(This event is free and open to Weller Members and their guests only)

This installment will be led by Chris Hite + Alison Knox.


As an advertising and branding consultant (working with companies like J Hillburn and Scount & Cellar) Chris Hite has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, thought leader, and advocate. 

After a decade in tech in San Francisco, Alison Knox moved back to the PNW to help men and women unlock answers to identity questions and find freedom through self-expression. 

Join us for a morning of mingling, enjoying food and drink, and a brief conversation about why the way we present ourselves to the world matters. Leave with some practical ideas and tips on creating a more clear and effective non-verbal message of success.

Bonus: Chris will be giving free fittings/measurements, so if you've always wanted to know what your measurements are, you're in luck! 

This event is free and open to Weller Members and their guests only.

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