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Reflect Forward | Ashlee Sikorski


Make 2018 YOUR year.

What is your company’s vision? What about you -- Where do you want to be at the end of 2018?

Your ideas can become a reality.

Set aside 3 hours to reset, reconnect and focus your business plan. Take the time in invest in laying the groundwork for success!

During this time, we will have a reflective exercise that uses 400+ visual cards to help guide you into your deepest desires for 2018. Then we will bounce ideas off each other, have a time of reflection for you to comb through your list and find out what you really want to pursue. Then I will ask questions to help make sure your goals for 2018 are tangible and attainable.

What’s your 2018 business vision. How can you set yourself up for success? Quarterly? Monthly? Weekly?

You will leave this time centered and with a plan in hand.

Ashlee Sikorski, CTC

Certified Business and Personal Coach