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The Weller Society is a community for people working to do great things.

Our spaces, resources, services, and experiences are designed to enrich and empower your personal and professional life. We believe your work matters and are here to make sure you succeed.



Since their inception in the 1700's, social clubs have provided their communities a central hub to share ideas, entertain guests, and socialize with the culture creators and thought leaders of their day. Carrying on their legacy, The Weller Society was founded to be a community center for the people of Portland. We are built upon the ideals of humanity, honor, generosity, integrity, and humor. We desire to use our energy, talent, passion, and means to impact positive change in our city through the work we do, the relationships we build, the conversations we have, and the way we recreate. We believe human beings belong in community, and we aim to create a community that honors, empowers, and enriches the lives of our members and the culture of the city of Portland.